what we do

  • Landscape Designs
    We work with you to enhance the natural beauty of your yard by coordinating bed design, plants, trees and shrubs for optimum visual appeal.
  • Total Tree Care
    Proper care will help keep your trees healthy and beautiful. We provide complete tree-care services including installation and maintenance for healthy and beautiful trees.
    We provide a total makeover that includes removing dead plants and trees, mowing, mulching, trimming, pruning, fertilizing, planting and debris removal.


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Commercial & Residential

Solutions for home & business

We can enhance your commercial or residential property and generate curb appeal by creating a new landscape or renovating an existing one.

Solutions for gardens

We’ll translate your ideas into a plan that will showcase your property's natural beauty and your personal style.

Green home experts

We strive to create sustainable solutions to achieve harmonious landscapes that are beautiful while preserving our scarce water and soil resources.

Terry Clark

Terry ClarkWe don’t cut corners and we listen to our customers.

Terry Clark moved to Canyon Lake in 2006, and has been in the landscape and tree business for more than 10 years. Terry says that hard work and perseverance is his secret to success.