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Will Ball Moss Kill a Tree?

Researchers at A&M insist that ball moss will not harm your trees and I tend to believe them. If you notice, ball moss doesn’t need a living organism to grow on. You may have seen it grow on insulated wires or on the edge of roofs, etc. Ball moss is not a parasite, it simply…
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When Should I Call the Professionals for My Oak Trees?

If you want to do some extensive pruning (more than just removing a limb or two), the safest time would be late June all the way through the first weeks of February. Avoid pruning your oaks from February to early June. During these months, oak wilt spores can be released.
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Should You Remove Cedar Trees?

Remove cedars that are growing within five yards of any desirable trees such as oaks, pecans and mountain laurel so they don’t compete for water, sunlight and nutrients.
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Gardening Tips to Avoid Fungus

Most of us are ready to invest in landscaping and gardening to give a face lift for our home. But when we fail to prune plants and trees when needed, your highly invested landscape will not have the beauty it can. This is a high time to know about the gardening tips for better maintenance of your lawn. Do follow…
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A Wonderful Backyard

A good backyard landscaping idea is one that everyone can make use of. There are many different backyard landscaping ideas and most of them are pretty good. But to find the one that is right for you may take some reading. This article will help you to find the perfect backyard landscaping idea for your…
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When To Choose Sod Over Seed

You’ve long dreamed of that brand new house on a sprawling piece of land and now it’s real. The lawn is just a large area of dirt at the moment. You have images of verdant, green grass and dreams of landscaping it into the envy of your whole area. But how are you going to…
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Lawn Mowers and Children

The lawn mower, no matter if it be manual, riding or a zero turn mower, might be one of the most risky tools around the home. Keeping little ones away from lawn-mower injuries ought to be one of the most paramount safety concerns for the household. Each and every year, about 65,000 grown ups and…
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