Lawn Mowers and Children

The lawn mower, no matter if it be manual, riding or a zero turn mower, might be one of the most risky tools around the home. Keeping little ones away from lawn-mower injuries ought to be one of the most paramount safety concerns for the household.

Each and every year, about 65,000 grown ups and young children are treated in emergency rooms for injuries caused by riding mowers, and at least 9,000 of those are younger than 18 years.

Exercise extreme caution by simply taking note of a few safety tips and precautions:

  • Do not allow young children near the mowing area. Young children are typically attracted to the mower and mowing activity. Ask another adult to watch over them while you work so they don't enter your working area.
  • Mower blades spin very fast and can throw debris that might injure a bystander. So always make sure you clean up the area before mowing.
  • Never ride a lawnmower without the discharge guard reflector or grass catcher installed.
  • The mower decks have blades that rotate at dangerously high speeds and are sharp enough to cut through just about anything. So don't allow anyone close to the mower while it's running.
  • Always allow the blades to come to a complete stop before to moving the mower for storage.
  • Don't allow young children to ride a passenger on a mower, even when the mower blades are not turning.  Children may tumble off or interfere with safe mower operation. Children who have been given rides on mowers will probably come back for another. This creates the potential for injuries if you don't see the youngster approaching.
  • Don't drive a riding mower in reverse (especially a zero turn mower, since it is so easy with these machines) unless absolutely necessary or until essential precautions have been taken.
  • Always read the operator’s manual for security messages about operation on a slope. Riding a lawn mower on a steep slope or where there isn't enough traction can cause you to lose control and roll over. If you have hilly terrain to mow, your best option is to use a zero turn mower, since these mowers are designed for these terrains.
  • Wear durable work footwear – not sandals or sneakers – and require anyone using a mower to put on eye and ear protection.
  • Use a collection bag for grass clippings. Otherwise, install a plate that covers the grass-release opening.
  • Always turn off the mower and wait for the blades to stop turning before removing any detachable grass catcher, or crossing gravel paths.

A lawn mower may be your greatest friend while out in the yard, but ensure that keeping children safe from injuries is your top priority.

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