When To Choose Sod Over Seed

You’ve long dreamed of that brand new house on a sprawling piece of land and now it’s real. The lawn is just a large area of dirt at the moment. You have images of verdant, green grass and dreams of landscaping it into the envy of your whole area. But how are you going to accomplish this? Is seed or sod a more appropriate choice? You’ll soon find that this issue depends a lot on your own personal goals, and each landowner has diverse preferences.

Cost is the first thing you should take into account. When it comes to this concern, there’s really no contest. Grass seed wins, without question. It makes sense if you think about it. With sod, you’re essentially spending for grass seed that another person has already cared for in its early stages. Sod costs more than grass seed as a result. Grass seed, on the other hand, requires diligent care in order for it to grow into that thriving, lush lawn you initially envisioned when you first bought your house. If you’re worried about trying to build your lawn in the cheapest way possible, grass seed would definitely be worth the extra effort then.

Time is one more issue you have to take into account. Sod triumphs on this factor. Are you ready to wait a handful of weeks or do you want your lawn looking perfect right away? If you’re unwilling to wait, sod is your only option. Depending on the time of the year, grass seed may not be a viable choice, even if you happen to be willing to wait it out. The best time to grow grass seed is during late spring or early fall. You need to sow seed during this timeframe or else it might not be possible to grow grass at all. You can lay sod, on the other hand, almost anytime during the growing season and see permanent results.

The last major factor you need to take into account is the terrain of your land. Sod generally needs a lot of sun because it is composed of specific types of grass variety. Grass seed is a more fitting choice if your property has a lot of shady locations. If, on the other hand, your lawn is somewhat hilly, grass seed is likely to wash away in the rain before they can start to grow. Sod should unquestionably be used, if this is the situation.

When it comes to deciding how to create the ideal lawn, it probably seems overwhelming to have to sort through each pro and con. The three main considerations are all you need to take into account, though, to set a solid foundation to make the decision most suitable for your individual situation.

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